In the programming world, JSON is a popular data format to exchange information. What’s cool about this is, every programing language has agreed to support JSON format. Let’s say calling a movie database to find all the info about a specific movie.

Jason Voorhees

The server will return the movie data in this looking format:

"Title": "Friday the 13th",
"Year": "2009",
"Rated": "R",
"Released": "13 Feb 2009",
"Runtime": "97 min",
"Genre": "Horror, Mystery, Thriller",
"Director": "Marcus Nispel"

JSON is actually a JavaScript Object Notation. It’s invented by this cool guy:

21 credits/120

The new dashboard of UoPeople shows a lot of important info. I got 21 credits so far. I need to do three more courses to finish the freshman year (30 credits). Let’s go!!

A function is a recipe that lets you group together many repeating tasks for you to call it again and again. JavaScript lets you create functions in many different ways; of course, JavaScript is a functional programming language. So here are 4 ways you can make a function in JS:

Photo by La-Rel Easter on Unsplash

(Do let me know if I missed anything)

1. Function keyword

Make a function by using the function keyword, followed by the name of the function in parentheses:

function sayHello(name) {
// Do something

This function can be called by sayHello("Tamal"); This also has access to the globalthis and arguments object.

2. Anonymous function


Hey there friends how are you doing?

I just saw that there is a message option to the followers. Currently, there are 19 followers to this little blog I started and I am so happy to have every one of you following my journey!

I know a lot of you from elsewhere (on twitter, facebook and github) and I am glad you are with me.

So what’s this email is about?

I want to share a little bit about my journey and what I am up to these days.

Last year I quit Facebook, Twitter and most of my social…

In the Fall of 2019, I took 2 new courses at UoPoeple; Greek and Roman Civilization, and Programming Fundamentals. I completed these courses successfully to meet the requirements of the foundation evaluations. After that, I am now a degree-seeking student.

In this post, I am going to reflect on the 8 weeks I spent studying these two courses. This is the first time I am taking on 2 courses at the same time.

Programming Fundamentals:

This course taught us programming fundamentals with the Python programming language. Since I am a full stack developer with lots of JavaScript work, this course was easy…

image credit: myself

Just like you, console.log was the first thing I learned after taking a JavaScript lesson. Unfortunately, I kept console logging for the rest of my developing journey as a means to test my applications. But there are other great and neat ways and we all know about automated testing suits such as JEST, Mocha and Chai, however it all looks too complicated and hassle to even bother with writing tests. But in the back of my, it always told me, “You are not a real developer if you are not using automated testing.”

I realized the practical reason for…

In June 2019 I started my new course, Online Education Strategies at the University of the People. Previously, I had taken the English Composition course at the university as a prerequisite as a non-native English speaker. Now, this new course was like yet another prerequisite for online students. In the past, I posted an update every week about the course but I didn’t this time because I was busy studying. I realized it would be great if I just post one nice summary of the entire course experience by the end of the course.

I felt the same for the last 8 weeks

Yesterday, I took part in the…

In the spring of 2019, I started my first term at the University of The People with English Composition 1. After 8 long weeks of study and the final exam, I passed the test and scored 93/100 which earned me a CGPA of 4.00. I was expecting to score 4, which I did and feeling great about it. In this final article of this mini-series, I will share a few moments from my journey and where I am going next.

Unfortunately, I cannot share any of my course work with you because of the University rules, but I can definitely…

I finished my first term as a CS student at the University of The People. After 8 weeks of hard work, I finished my first course English Composition 1, which was a mandatory course at UoPeople. After I pass this course I will get the chance to take the foundational courses, and then after I complete the foundational courses, I will become a degree-seeking student. It’s a long road ahead, but I want to take the time to celebrate this first milestone.

Today I took the final test and now I have 10 days of break from the studies until…

Finishing my 7th week at the University of the People. It seems like yesterday when I started my first week, now I’m close to the final exam. Only one more week of study left and then it’s time for the final exam. The final exam holds 25 marks out of the total 100 marks.

This week I didn’t feel the pressure of study because I had already done my work throughout this term. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up for me for the final week.

I read a total of 7 short stories this entire term:

  • The Happy Prince

Tamal Anwar Chowdhury

Software Engineer, Full-Stack developer, MERN Stack. (Open for hire)

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